EKONSERVIS-CZ s.r.o was founded in the year 1998 as a bookkeeping company.

In the year 2011 the company underwent owner change and with that a fundamental reorganization, took on new employees and went in the direction of a modern consulting firm. Today the company has seven employees, three external employees, that process the complete accounting agenda and tax consulting. Even though we do bookkeeping for tens of clients, especially in double-entry bookkeeping, the main activity of the company is industrial insurance with specialization in liability in transportation.

The first step is always the preparation of an analysis of insurance, where the client is acquainted with the state of his insurance policy and is recommended optimal solutions. Our domain is processing insurance claims, that we report for our clients and then take care of the whole case. We specialize in industrial insurance, namely property and liability insurance, ranging from general liability, employee liability insurance, car insurance, machinery and agricultural insurance.

Our main product is liability insurance in transportaion. We offer the products of foreign insurance agencies, because their range of insurance protection is incomparable with local insurance agencies. Not only do these contracts include for example protection againts embezzlement, inventory differences, gross negligence and intent, that cannot even be arranged at the local insurance agencies, but are much more clear and do not contain hidden and unclear exclusions. The standard range of insurance is with 0,- complicity. Our main product is ALL RISK insurance of parcel servis, that you can arrange for yourself online.

We have power of attorney from the foreign insurance agencies to liquidate insurance cases. The liquidation process from EKONSERVIS means complete settlement, starting by communicating with the client, gathering case evidence for example from the police, expert opinions and ending with payment for caused damages.

Every one of our clients has access though our website to his contracts, insurance cases along with all materials that are relevant.