EKONSERVIS-CZ s.r.o provides complete accounting and tax services.

We are ready to provide you even with individual actions from one-time consultation to preparing your tax return. Complete agenda includes bookkeeping and tax advice. You can do your own bookkeeping, EKONSERVIS will represent you just in tax issues. If we do your complete bookkeeping, we will bear responsibility for it and keep it in a way so that the output data is as required for proper company management.


The following agenda is included in complete bookkeeping:

Issued invoices – we will process issued invoices prepare an overview of unpaid invoices, prepare “urgent letters” for unpaid invoices arising from the period of limitation according to the Commercial Code.

Incoming invoices – we control requirements for VAT and subsequently according to the legal requirements book them including an overview of still unpaid invoices

Internal documents – we issue internal documents for all non-invoiced liabilities (leasing, loans, credits, etc.)

Cash register – we keep records of receipts received and issued, record cash register state and heed that the cash register always has positive balance

Bank account – we register all movements on the bank account and in the case of unclear payments immediately ask for an explanation from the client

Payrolls and human resources – we process payrolls according to monthly directives,  send money transfer orders of deductions from wages to the client electronically, payslips to specified email addresses, prepare all legal reports and confirmations for employees and the clients, we represent you on the basis of power of attorney at health insurance companies, social security administration, employment office and other state institutions, we do registrations and check-outs of employees with health insurance companies and social security administration.


Bookkeeping guarantees – the quality and accuracy of our work is ensured by the following documents:

  • Certificate from Federation of Accountants
  • Certificate from the Chamber of Tax Advisers and membership of this chamber
  • liability insurance for damage caused by performing of professional activities – Bookkeeping
  • liability insurance for damage caused by tax advisor by giving tax advice

General part – we do every activity necessary that leads to the correctness of bookkeeping and optimization of the tax base.

  • for claims we make adjustments to reduce the tax base
  • we register both long-term and low-value assets and through appropriate depreciation adjust the tax base
  • we watch and prepare orders for payments within the statutory deadlines for all the taxes to which the client is registered
  • on the basis of power of attorney we represent clients in negotiations at the financial offices
  • we inform the client of all legal amendments concerning his activities
  • we put together a list of documents received for bookkeeping as an overview of what we accepted from the client and what he can demand back from us
  • we put together an overview of profits within agreed deadlines
  • we alert client of any illegal instructions and propose proper solution
  • we take full responsibility for provided services, more in the mandate contract
  • upon agreement takeover of first documents possible at the client’s headquaters


Our intention is good and responsible bookkeeping for our client. We expect close cooperation with the client, give him information regularly and cooperation in solving problematic issues. In our opinion we strongly influence the client’s financial situation, the movement of his money, about which the client must be always informed in detail and in a timely manner.