Report damages right away, the lastest 7 days from when it happened, else the claim can be rejected!

EKONSERVIS-CZ email for reporting insurance claims and for sending necessary documents to resolve damages:

For every insurance claim it is necessary to submit the following:

  • Date, time and the place of origin of the damage
  • Description of the situation and damage with an estimate of the cost
  • Identification data of the damaged items, the extent of damage
  • Address where the damaged items are at, including the contact on the authorized person with whom it is possible to arrange to view the items


You cannot change the condition of the damage until the damage is seen and documented by the insurance company. This does not apply if the change is necessary due to safety or hygienic reason or so that the damage would be lessened. In these cases it is your duty to provide proof of the range of damage by safekeeping the damaged items and its parts and probative photo documentation.

For damages in transportation higher then 100 000 czk requires the presence of a damage commissioner.

We will provide the damage commissioner for you! NONSTOP contact: +420 775 589 989. All we need is the address where the damages goods are located and contact on the contact person.

When to call the police:

  • For damages resulting from theft, loss or are missing
  • For damages exceeding the amount of 100 000 czk
  • If during the damage injury or death of a person occured
  • If damage to property of others occured

The absence of a record from the police may lead to the rejection of damage!

Every damage, that happened while operating a vehicle has to be recorded according to the law in a written form
on a record of a traffic accident!

EKONSERVIS hotline +420 775 589 989 – Michal Láznička. This line serves our clients and is available every work day from 8.00 to 16.30.



Important documents for download: