EKONSERVIS-CZ s.r.o is available for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Before arranging insurance, its always necessary to analyze the current situation, get familiar with the risks and requirements of the client. Then we inquire possibilities at the individual insurance companies in the Czech Republic and abroad and then present a solution. The quality of insurance will be known when an insurance case happens, we are available 24 hours a day, especially for support before reporting an incident. We confirm registration of an insurance case within 24 hours with the initial statement and specifications of missing documents and recommended claim handling.

  • we will arrange the insurance agency liquidator
  • we will report the insurance case to the insurance company and then we check the insurance company´s claim handeling on a regular basis until the payment of compensation
  • in complicated cases we provide legal representation
  • we continuously monitor the level of reserves and claim handling and prepare documents and statistics to evaluate mutual cooperation


Liability of carriers and shippers

  • road carrier liability for entrusted cargo at both international and national transport
  • insurance for all hired carriers including phantom carriers
  • insurance of gross negligence
  • insurance of inventory differences
  • geographic validity – Europe
  • insurance of goods payed for on delivery
  • limit for each insurance case
  • complicity 0,-

Commodity ALL RISK insurance ON LINE separate negotiation

  • single as well as framework contract,  suitable for air, road and sea transportation, 100% of damages paid

Car fleet insurance

  • liability insurance, accident insurance, window insurance, assistance services, GAP insurance

Property and real estate insurance

  • own and foreign property, damage from natural disasters, theft, robbery, vandalism, precipitation, water damage

Machine and equipment insurance

  • structural defects, gross negligence, intent, misuse

Claim insurance

  • insurance of obligations of your customers towards you

Medical expenses insurance

  • assistance services, medical procedures and treatment, repatriation, replacement employee
  • for individual employees as well as group insurance

Stocks and goods insurance

  • own and foreign goods and supplies, kept goods, insurance of electronics, inventory differences, insurance against simple theft, ie without overcoming obstacles

Professional liability

  • liability of doctors, lawyers, accountants

Employee life insurance

  • pension funds, risk insurance, managers’ insurance, disability pension, loss of earnings

Cross liability for damage

  • insurance of mutual responsibility between individual business entities within the holding, concern or other similar forms of business

Liquidation of total damages without financial loss

  • GAP insurance option – accounting method
  • application of differences in claim settlement by linking the different types of insurance including liquidation

Assistance services

  • assistance services, rescue and handling of the vehicle, on-site repair, towing, storage of vehicles, legal protection, or even the trip to the place of residence